Do You Notice How The Heavier Experiences of your past...   
  •  Keep you stuck repeating the same undesirable patterns and circumstances? 
  •  Distort how you see yourself and your life?  
  •  Limit you and what you believe is possible moving forward?
  •  Leave you easily triggered and feeling like a sponge taking on energy from outside yourself? 
  •   Affect your physical health and mental well-being?
What If I Told You, You Could Wipe The Slate Of Your Life Clean?
Just like you can clear your computer’s hard drive and install a completely new operating system, with Shamanic Energy Medicine, you are able to debug the old stories and programs that are directing your life in less than desirable ways. 
What's more:
 You can upgrade this program to align with your most meaningful purpose for a fulfilling, vibrant and abundant life
It's remarkably simple and effective and you don’t have to mentally process the details of your life over and over to do it!

Like so many seekers, for over two decades I searched for that magic pill to clear the outdated patterns and stories that I knew were limiting me. I went to every weekend workshop and training that I could find. I practiced and received certifications to teach Yoga and Meditation; took classes in Acupressure, Yoga Therapy, Tarot, Reiki, Astrology, Essential Oils and more... 

I spent years giving away my power (and my money), seeking council and support outside of myself. My therapist, psychic, life coach AND astrologer were all on speed dial - not to mention, my loyal and unwavering family and friends! I was searching for answers to help me heal my past and find the clarity to change the direction of my life - to see my way off the victim triangle and through the limiting beliefs that kept me from sharing what I knew I had to (even though I wasn't even sure what it was!).
It was the Shamanic Path that empowered me with tangible tools to call off the search; 
to change how the past was influencing my life AND to consciously discover my gifts.  
Isn't it time you called off the search and became empowered with the tools, strength and vision to change the patterns and beliefs keeping you from living the life you desire?
Imagine what your life would be like when you...  
  • Heal the wounds and stories that keep you from fully expressing yourself.
  • Clear the blocks that are in the way of creating the life you know you are meant to. 
  • Feel balanced, vibrant and alive with passion and purpose. 
Align at the deepest vibratory levels with your gifts and share them to make a difference in the world.
I'm Andrea Bernstein, A Master Shamanic Energy Medicine Practitioner    
For the past 13 years, I have immersed myself in the wisdom teachings, mentored in the healing practices and have been initiated into the traditions and lineage of the High Priests of Peru. I have supported countless clients through my Shamanic practice, to debug their energetic programs and heal the way their lives have been informed by the past; upgrading their energetic blueprint to align them with the life and world they know is possible.

This ancient wisdom has been offered as a map for us all to become conscious creators of our lives and our world during these uncertain times

When I first began my journey on the path of self-discovery, I couldn't even hear my own voice and was completely disconnected from my body, my desires and so much of what brings joy, peace and happiness in life. Though many practices helped me cope, it was the Shamanic work that truly shifted my world in the most profound and sustainable ways. 
This path supported me to reconnect to my passion and gave me the tools, vision and strength to see my way through the wounds, stories and limiting beliefs that kept me from sharing what, I knew in my heart, I was meant to. 

In fact, I found this work to be so empowering and transformative, that soon after the completion of my practitioner training program, I became a staff Member at The Four Winds Society, Light Body School and Assistant to Founder, Alberto Villoldo, PhD. Since 2010, I have also shared this wisdom through Introductory Shamanism classes with The University of Utah's, Lifelong Learning students. Both roles have enabled me to translate this body of wisdom in a way that is relevant, easy to digest and supported by science and functional medicine. 

Though Shamanism may seem foreign, irrelevant and maybe even intimidating to some in today's world; my soul knew this wisdom - and yours does too. For those of us who came to this life knowing we are here to make a difference, it speaks to us in ways our conditioning has not. It is as close to a magic pill as I have found personally - and awakens us to SO much more possibility, collectively.  

It is my life’s work to pass on these wisdom teachings. To support you to reconnect to your truth and awaken to the full expression of the gifts you came to share - irregardless of your path. 

The following offering is my first step in sharing this wisdom in the world. 

I hope it awakens something in YOU!
What People Say About Their Experience of the Shamanic Processes
Mandee Stakely, US Military Veteran
Nick Larsen - Husband, Father and Firefighter
Coming Monday Evenings in November...
shamanic energy anatomy 101
DIY Maintenance Practices To Hack Into The Energetic Software That Informs Your Life
Call off the search and empower yourself with tools and practices to take command of your life.
                                   Includes (4) Live Video Conferences with Q&A, For You To:


>> Hack Into Your Energetic Blueprint For Optimal Health & Well Being

Reset Your Stress Response For Deep Rest And Lasting Positive Change

>> Break-free Of Outdated Patterns & Align with Your Greatest Potential 

>> Clear Undesirable Attachments and Connections That Drain Your Lifeforce and Bind You to the Past
Plus Essential Wisdom Teachings and Additional Support to Explore At Your Own Pace, To:


>> Ancient Wisdom To Inspire The Full Expression Of Your Gifts And The Active Co-Creation Of Your Life and The Time to Come

Support to Clear Even Your Heaviest Experiences and Most Deeply Embedded Wounds and Trauma 


>> Understand How These Practices Are Supported By Modern Day Science, Brain Neuroplasticity and Epigenetics

Learn Practices To Best Support The Upgrades to Your Energy Body Through Essential Self-Care Practices for Your Physical Body 


>> A Shamanic Protection to Strengthen and Fortify Your Field 

Chakra Decoder, Essential Oil Guide and Informative Video For You to Demystify and Optimize The Filters of Your Perception

An Essential Practice to Organize the Chaos of Life 
Program Details and Frequently Asked Questions
Live Sessions are Mondays November 5, 12, 19 & 26th
at 7PM MDT
Though all Live sessions will be recorded and available for replay in the Member Area within 24 hrs, it is highly recommended that you attend the conference live to take part in the Q&A and get the most from this offering. 
In Small Chunks & Digestible Bites For Maximum Effectiveness
We all have busy lives and our time and resources are precious. To honor both, I have distilled the information in a way that is easy for you to understand, practice and integrate into your daily life. The majority of the prerecorded sessions, Audio and Video practices are 20 minutes or less.
No Prior Experience Necessary
Wherever you are on your journey, the practices shared in this program are simple to learn and integrate. You are never too late, never too old and never too "green" (or advanced) to wipe your energetic slate clean and start over to align with your most essential self!
Lifetime Access to Sessions and Course Material
When Embodied, these practices can support you for a lifetime! You will always have access to the Membership Portal to return to these essential practices again and again. 
How Do I Access the Course Material? 
Upon Registration you will receive a Welcome! Email with all of the details for our time together and instructions for how to access the Membership site and Live Video Conference Sessions. An internet connection, computer, smartphone, or tablet device is necessary to participate.
Does The Material In This Course Enable Me To Support Others?
This program is designed to empower you with simple and effective tools to enable you to align at the blueprint level with your unique gifts, regardless of your path. It is not a Shamanic Practitioner Training. It will however, support those who hold space for others to strengthen all aspects of their practice irregardless of modality. 
Have Other Questions or Need Additional Support? 
I'd Love To Visit!
One Time Payment
PayPal Credit Available, No Interest for 6 months
Three Simple Monthly Payments 
Billed Automatically Monthly
Be empowered with integral Energetic self-care practices 
Live Session #1: 
Hacking the Human Energy Field For Optimal Health & Well Being
Your human energy field holds within it, the blueprint and programming that directs and informs your life. Like a cassette tape on record, it is the place where the memories of your past, your genetics and life experiences are stored.

This session will support you to optimize this field with an integral practice to maintain and upgrade this life informing blueprint.
This practice will support you to: 
  • Tighten the weave of your energy field to stop taking on other’s energy 
  • Gain control of your life force to stop depleting your energy unconsciously 
  •  Proactively support optimal health and well-being 
Includes: Live Webinar with Q&A, Instructional Video of Process
and Process Overview PDF
Includes a Special Bonus Guided Practice
Install an Extra Layer of Protection To Strengthen and Fortify Your Field 
This essential Journey guides you to install a layer of protection into your Energy Field. Energetic bands made of the base five elements that make up all life - earth, air, fire, water, and ether (pure light).

These bands act as filters to break down negative energy that can make you toxic or ill and instead strengthen and enhance the vitality of your energetic blueprint.  
This Protection works to: 
  • Add a powerful layer to strengthen and fortify your Energy Field  
  •  Filter and Break Down Negative Energy Directed Toward You
  •  Provide the needed support and confidence to breakdown unhealthy defense mechanisms that keep you from fully engaging in life. 
Includes: Pre Recorded Audio Journey and Process Overview PDF
Live Session #2: 
Reset Your Stress Response For Deep Rest And Lasting Positive Change
Discover how stress, fear and anxiety negatively impacts your life and how releasing this heightened state is essential for true healing on every level. Clear the decades of accumulated stress that is at the root of fear, anxiety and sleeplessness. 

Learn how to deactivate your stress response and create a positive environment for deep healing and sustained change. 
Use this integral practice to: 
  • Improve your health and well-being including better rest and renewed strength
  •  Feel safe and connected to yourself and the world 
  •  Find freedom from paralyzing fear and anxiety  
Includes: Live Webinar, Instructional Video of Process,
Guided Audio Meditation and Process Overview PDF
Live Session #3: 
Chakra Cleansing To Break-free Of Outdated Patterns & Align with Your Greatest Potential 
Be empowered to release the imprints of memories that are distorting your reality and affecting your perspective for what is possible in your life. Erase the stories and patterns that have you stuck on repeat in less desirable ways. 

Learn how to clear the imprinted memories accumulated in your chakras; reconnect to your most vital life force and discover the purest light and greatest potential within you. 
Chakra Cleansing supports you to: 
  • Stop attracting repeating patterns, come back to center and get back on track more quickly to stay focused on what truly matters
  •  Create space for new, more positive circumstances and healthier interactions in all aspects of your life. 
  •  Release the buildup of energy that creates stress and disease; see what is possible in your life more clearly and calmly.  
Includes: Live Webinar, Instructional Video of Process, Guided Audio Meditation and Process Overview PDF
Includes 2 Special Bonuses: 
Chakra Decoder, Essential Oil Guide and Informative Video to Demystify and Optimize The Filters of Your Perception
Chakras are the filters through which you ‘sense’ the world. The heavier experiences of our life create distortions on these lenses that affect your life, health and well-being. 

With awareness and practice, you can learn to optimize their frequency and reconnect to your vital energy and light. Doing so, aligns you with the circumstances and experiences that support the full expression of your most essential self.  
In this Bonus PDF you will learn the:
  • Location and breakdown of each chakra and it’s properties 
  •  Part of the body that an imbalanced chakra affects 
  •  Qualities and experiences a balanced chakra brings 
  •  Integral inquiry for each chakra to support optimal function. 
Includes: Chakra Decoder PDF
PLUS An Informative Bonus Video Conference with David Watts and Dana Schwartz of Corazón Healing Arts, Licensed Acupuncturists, Herbalists and Essential Oil Advocates sharing: 
  • Specific Essential Oils that support balance and optimization of each chakra
  •  Proper usage and application protocols for Essential Oils 
  • Techniques and practices for optimal benefits 
Includes: Video Conference Recording, Essential Oil Guide and Resource Listing
Live Session #4: 
Clear Undesirable Attachments and Connections That Drain Your Lifeforce and Bind You to the Past
Liberate yourself from the unhealthy connections of people, places and circumstances that drain your life force and keep you attached to what has been. 

This session offers a powerful process for you to energetically break free from the limitations of your past. This process is essential to move forward with the freedom and sovereignty to bring your gifts forward an make an impact in the world. 
Specifically, this session will support you to: 
  • Empower yourself to energetically break free from toxic and unhealthy relationships 
  •   Clear the parasitic connections that are draining you 
  •  Break free once and for all of the limiting circumstances and stories of your past 
Includes: Live Webinar, Instructional Video of Process, Guided Audio Meditation and Process Overview PDF
One Time Payment
PayPal Credit Available, No Interest for 6 months
Three Simple Monthly Payments 
Billed Automatically Monthly
you will also receive Essential wisdom teachings + Additional support To explore at your own pace
Pre-Recorded Session #1: 
Ancient Wisdom To Inspire The Full Expression Of Your Gifts And Active Co-Creation Of Your Life And The Time To Come
Shamanic Wisdom offers a message of hope and empowerment for the times we are living. This universal wisdom offers maps for all who are hearing the call to change the way they walk in the world; to align and express their unique gifts to be co-creators of their lives and the time to come. 

In This Audio Recording, Conscious Destiny Founder, Andrea Bernstein Shares How Shamanic Wisdom Teachings Support You To: 
  •  Deepen your connection to yourself and your world; improve your life, your relationships; find connection, peace and balance even under stressful circumstances and in uncertain times.
  • Learn how to access the subtle energetic realms that these Master’s navigated so that you too can access deeper healing and access higher levels of consciousness.
  • Discover the ancient wisdom passed down to support you to find hope, inspiration and vision to create the life and world you know is possible.
Includes: Audio Recording, PDF: "What Is Shamanism and Why Is It Relevant To All We Face Today?" + Suggested Reading List
Pre-Recorded Session #2: 
Receive Support to Clear The Heavier, More Deeply Embedded Wounds and Trauma 
Learn how you can rapidly transform what it would take decades of therapy and traditional coaching to uncover and shift with Conscious Destiny Practitioners, Karen Hoza and Dannielle Bryan.
Understand the circumstances that may require additional support and the ways the heavier, denser energies of our past can negatively effect us and derail our best intentions. 
  • Discover why healing our deeper wounds and trauma is integral individually and collectively.
  •  Learn what circumstances and may require deeper support 
  •  Understand the Dark Energies and Entities that can enter our field and create havoc in our lives, mind and emotions. 
Includes: 2 Pre-Recorded Video Conferences and A Free 30 Minute Consultation
including (2) expert interviews to Enlighten you body, mind and Spirit
Interview #1 
Bridging Shamanism With Modern Day Science, Brain Neuroplasticity and Epigenetics
with Former Scientist and Founder of the Austin Shamanic Center, Christina Allen
This audio conference with former scientist Christina Allen, Founder of the Austin Shamanic Center, speaks to how physics, brain neuroplasticity and epigenetics supports the efficacy of this ancient body of wisdom.
  • Discover how scientists and ancients alike, work within a field of consciousness where all possibility exists. 
  •  Learn how we can step outside of time to tap into our full potential and experience infinity.   
  • How both scientists and shamans understand we are able to tap into energy in order to manifest and create reality  
Includes:  Audio Recording and Resource Listing
Interview #2: 
Support the Shifts in the Energy Body Through the Physical Body 
with Doctor of Oriental Medicine, Laurel Sander, Author of “Hope to Heal – The Cleanse”
As you work with the Shamanic processes to change the programming of your energy field, taking steps to create a healthy environment in your physical body is also essential. 

In this informative Audio Conference, Laurel Sander O.M.D., will guide you to:

  • Discover “Seven Key Vibrations” for optimal health and wellness of your body. 
  •  Gain essential Self-Care practices to maximize integration of the energy work 
  •  Learn the importance of detoxing the body and brain through cleansing 
Includes:  Audio Recording, Seven Key Vibrations and Self-Care Practice PDF and Resource Listing
to insure your success, receive a bonus practice To organize the chaos of life
Bonus Practice: 
Creating Sacred Space For Additional Balance, Guidance and Support 
Opening sacred space reconnects you to all of nature for support, protection and guidance. This practice is integral to organize the chaos in your life and promote a safe and sacred space for healing.
  • Work with this practice to feel safe, balanced and supported. 
  •  Create a safe and sacred container to actively engage with life for healing and direction.
  •  Call on helping allies and all of nature for support, guidance and safety. 
Includes:  Instructional Video of Process, Guided Audio Meditation and Sacred Space Prayer PDF
“Thank you from the bottom of my heart ”
“I have more courage and strength than I have ever had before and am more calm and grounded in a way I have not felt my entire life.”

Kelly B.

“These processes have brought profound growth and change to my life”
"Your instructional videos are clear and professional. I feel great and clearer than I have in long time - WOW! What a difference!"

Annie I.

“You are an amazing teacher."
"Time and time again, I come back to what I have learned from you. The way you break everything down and the tools you share offer results greater than anything else I have done."

Bonnie P.

You wash your hair, you brush your teeth, you change the oil in your car and what’s more relevant you upgrade the operating systems of your phone and computer on a regular basis 
Doesn’t it make sense that if you knew how to tap into the energetic program that was informing your body and your life, you would do what it takes to optimize that too? 
One Time Payment
PayPal Credit Available, No Interest for 6 months
Three Simple Monthly Payments 
Billed Automatically Monthly
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