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Thank You!
 For Making 2019 the year that You live fully from the Truth of your heart!  
To answer the call of your heart is truly one of the most important offerings that we can bring to the times that we are living. We know that this great Web of life in which we are all part, is made of and affected by an electromagnetic force. Our human heart emits the strongest electromagnetic signal of all our body. The more we live from our hearts by aligning with our truth, the more "coherence" we bring to this web and the more we can become conscious co-creators of our lives and the world.  

With over a decade of holding space for countless clients, one thing is clear - living from our heart is more about clearing everything that we are not, than adding more (fill in the blank). Though the process may seem daunting, when we shift our perspective and go beyond our mind and emotions to instead make the necessary changes at the energetic blueprint of our human energy field, the more simple and effective the process becomes.    

To look through the eyes of the archetypes is a powerful first step to take you beyond your own mind's beliefs and limitations. This practice offers a different perspective and voice for what is possible. Once you do, I also recommend working through all that you discover by creating a heart guided ceremony of your own or joining me for the Guided Journey and Virtual Intention Ceremony by registering through the link to the left. Working in ceremony and ritual supports you to align heart and soul with your intentions. 

Blessings for your journey. May you illuminate your heart and bring the gift of your light to the world. 
Walk In Beauty,
Give Yourself the Gift of Introspection: 
Utilize the framework provided, for inquiry to work through at your own pace, over the Holidays. Take time to look within, get clear and on track to align with the call of your heart.  
Questions For Brief Inquiry: 
Where are you today?  
Consider this personally, professionally, with regard to your relationships (please include the relationship with yourself) as well as your health and other aspects of your life that are important to you.
>> What were your achievements this past year? Regardless of how you may judge them (i.e. not what you expected)
>> What Needs Honoring? (This should be both positive and negative )
>> What and who do you need to give gratitude for?
>> What are your regrets?
>> What is incomplete or unfinished? Of these which do you want to still complete? Which need to be let go of and released?

Where did you think or hope you would be?
>> What are the limitations and beliefs that have kept you from getting there?
>> What adjustments still need to to be made to get there?
>> What no longer feels in alignment with the direction you want to go and who you want to be?
Deeper Medicine Wheel Inquiry: 
For the below inquiry, I invite you to practice embodying the Archetypes more deeply. In addition to taking the literal inventory, look through the eyes and speak in the voice of the archetype to go beyond what you conscious mind understands to be the answers to the following questions... 
South Winds/Serpent Inquiry: What is Binding You To Your Past?
>> What are the wounds and limiting beliefs that need to be let go of for you to align fully with who you are?
>> What are the stories that hold you bound? i.e. In shame, guilt, doubt or insecurity - any and everything that keeps you stuck 
>> What are the habits, roles and ways of being that are limiting what is possible moving forward that way you want to in your life? 
>> What are the literal ways you are out of balance with yourself and the world? Physically? Emotionally? Mentally? Energetically?
>> How has the above served you? Who are you today because of these experiences? What are the gifts and lessons you have received from them?
West Winds/Jaguar Inquiry:
What is Between You and What You Say You Want?
>> Where are the places you are not aligned inside with who you say you are on the outside?  
>> Where are the places where your outer world is in disharmony? How is this a reflection of your own inner world that you are not seeing? 
>> What are the fears and regrets that keep you from aligning with who you know you are meant to be? 
>> What are you not dealing with? What truths do you need to face? What have you stuffed deep in the basement and closed the door on that is stalking you?
>> Where are you seeking approval, council or validation outside of yourself instead of committing to your truth?
>> What is the familial, societal, religious or other conditioning that is limiting your view of what is possible in your life?
>> What are the I’m sorry's, I forgive you’s, please forgive me's thank you’s and I love you’s that need to be completed so you can be free to move forward without restriction?  
>> What needs to metaphorically "die" so you can be fully available to the life your heart is calling you to live?
North Winds/Hummingbird Inquiry: 
What is the Truth In Your Heart You Need to Say YES to? 
>> How can you create more balance, harmony and sweetness in your life? 
>> What are the things that you can do to recharge and refill to feed yourself more deeply? 
>> What are the areas that you keep going back to that are not feeding and supporting you?
>> What are the qualities you want to bring forth more fully in your life moving forward? 
>> Where can you let go, allow for and trust in the flow of life?
>> How can you walk with more reverence and awareness for the whole of which we are part?
East Winds/Eagle-Condor Inquiry: 
If you knew you couldn't fail, what would you create in 2019 + Beyond
>> What is your heart calling you to do and be? 
>> What is your New Story that is calling to be written? 
>> Are you open and available to receive it? Where can you make more room? 
>> What are the steps you need to take to make it reality? 
>> What is the commitment you need to make to who and what you wish to become?
>> What would it feel like to already have it? 
Once you complete your inquiry, Begin to transform and Align with all that you have discovered
by creating your own ceremony!  Here Are Some Suggestions, and Know That
There is no right or wrong, the best and most powerful ceremonies happen when you simply
trust the wisdom of your heart to guide you:
>> Honor your journey by raising up what has been as well as what you are calling in through the creation of an altar 
>> Release what you are letting go to a fire or candle.
>> Paint or Draw a Picture that represents your journey, past, present and future
>> Dance or Move your inquiry through your body till every cell vibrates with what you are calling in!  

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