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Inquire and Vision For 2019 And Beyond, Flow with The Winds and Embody The Archetypes
End of Year Inquiry, Free Guided Journey and Intention Ceremony 
Journey With the Archetypes To The Truth In Your Heart 
Use this FREE  3 Step Process to: 
  •  Inquire: Review and Honor the Past and present. 
  • Vision: Gain Clarity and Direction For What You Are Calling In.
  •  Align in Ceremony: Choose to Be the Active and Conscious Creator of  Your Life in 2019 and Beyond! Align In Ceremony Live With Andrea Or In Sacred Solitude.  
flow with the winds and journey with the archetypes to shift your perspective, Review what has been and Align fully with your heart's Calling into 2019 and Beyond
The Archetypes and Winds of the four cardinal directions, offer an essential perspective and framework to align fully and consciously with all that is in your heart - the true center of the Wheel of Life. This integral compass provides direction and maps for inquiry; to find ground in a world turned upside down and remain calm in the center of the evolutionary storm that is upon us. The Ancients knew innately that aligning fully with the heart, held the keys for the wisdom of the winds to guide you to all that is possible in your life and in the world, at this time of great change and possibility. 

It is said when we come to peace with the directions, we "Walk in Beauty"... 
Ready to journey to the truth in your heart?  
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Join Andrea for a FREE Virtual Shamanic Journey & Intention Ceremony that will POWERFULLY anchor your intentions and magnify the potential for them to manifest. 
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Andrea Bernstein
For those of us who are longing to bring meaning and sense to a world turned over, 2018 has been intensely revealing. The places we have been out of balance have been exponentially magnified, often taking us to our knees; while simultaneously lifting us higher where we are aligned with our deepest truth and expression.

As we move through this Holiday season and look toward beginning anew, there is much to reflect upon. Every aspect of this season is supporting us to go deep and do our work! Astrologically speaking, there are tremendous forces in the cosmos that will further amplify our inquiry and alignment for all we are called to do and be - personally, professionally and in our relationships, with ourselves and others.

Though this time of year most often lends itself to celebrating outwardly, exchanging gifts from the heart with loved ones, I also invite you to take some time to give yourself the gift of going inward; to reflect upon what has been, honor what is and release what will not serve you moving forward.

In addition to taking mental and literal inventory with your inquiry, consider also working through all that you discover by joining with me in a Virtual Community Ceremony or creating your own heart guided ceremony. Working this way supports you to move beyond the place of the literal mind and emotions, to instead shift and align heart and soul with your intentions.
Inquire and Vision For 2019 and Beyond, Flow with The Winds and Embody The Archetypes
End of Year Inquiry, Guided Journey and Intention Ceremony for Deep Embodiment of Your Gifts 
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